Vet Assistant

I’ve been volunteering at a local vet for a while now, and I’m loving it!  At first seeing the blood was quite gross (so many spays and neuters!), but I eventually got used to it… a bit.  But I love seeing all the animals, although many are there because they’re sick… and none too happy about it!  Learning about animal diseases and how to fix them is very interesting.

I liked it so much, I also took an introductory course in how to be a vet assistant.  Even if I don’t end up working as a vet assistant, the knowledge I’m gaining will make me a better pet owner.  To be able to give pills and injections to your own animal saves you a lot of money and the animal a lot of stress.  And I feel more educated on the potential problems animals can experience and what warning signs to look out for.

At the vet I get to walk the doggies, pat the kitties, and socialize with a group of professionals and pet owners who love their animals as much as I do!  Working in the animal field has introduced me to a world of people who have given up the desire for big money to follow their heart and work with the animals they love.  It might not pay well (or at all!), but the experience I’m gaining is creating a happiness I never got with any other job.


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  1. Barb
    Dec 07, 2014 @ 13:24:45

    Way to go Sharyn; The cats, dogs and any other animal, will be lucky to have you take care of them. Very selfless and caring of you. Wahoo!!


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