Gentle Sookie

It’s with a heavy heart I share that today I lost a good friend.  It had gotten to the point where Sookie’s quality of life was compromised, and we decided it was time to help him on his way.

Sookie (200? - 2015)

Sookie (200? – 2015)

When I first got Sookie from the SPCA in 2011, he was in a foster home recovering from a respiratory illness, one that would follow him throughout his life.  I named him (or her, as he was originally mis-sexed as a girl!) Sookie since he was such a sook, always head-butting for pats and prime lap time. He quickly fell into a routine of sitting on my lap when I was awake and sleeping right next to my head at night.


When I got Ciara in 2012, she was so shy and skittish, she wouldn’t come out from under the couch. Sookie, being a good big brother, would squeeze under the couch (he was quite chubby back in those days), lie next to Ciara and lick her head soothingly.  Ciara loved Sookie because of that, always going up to him for licks and love.


After I noticed Sookie was walking into things, a visit to the eye vet confirmed that Sookie was blind. The eye vet didn’t know the cause, but said that blind cats do quite well given their other heightened senses of hearing and feeling (whiskers).

Sookie managed quite fine, however kept experiencing health issues over the years. He eventually was diagnosed with arthritis, senility, and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Recent complications and potential neurological issues made it clear that his quality of life wasn’t what it had been.

Vancouver Sookie Trip June 2012 006

But even with his health issues (and those pesky young black kitties trying to get him to play and run!), Sookie was a true gentleman. Always thankful for laps and pats, purring away beside me, happy to have a loving and safe home. Given the original mis-sexing and the development of other senior-age cat complications, I don’t actually believe Sookie was as old as first thought (born 2006, or 9 yrs).  Several vets have said he was a senior kitty, probably in his teens, and I agree.


I am thankful and blessed to have shared at least a few years with gentle Sookie, and I hope he finds his way across the Rainbow Bridge to meet my other kitties who have gone before (Tiffy, Morrie and Ginger). Goodbye Sookie, and thank you for being in my life.



Vet Assistant

I’ve been volunteering at a local vet for a while now, and I’m loving it!  At first seeing the blood was quite gross (so many spays and neuters!), but I eventually got used to it… a bit.  But I love seeing all the animals, although many are there because they’re sick… and none too happy about it!  Learning about animal diseases and how to fix them is very interesting.

I liked it so much, I also took an introductory course in how to be a vet assistant.  Even if I don’t end up working as a vet assistant, the knowledge I’m gaining will make me a better pet owner.  To be able to give pills and injections to your own animal saves you a lot of money and the animal a lot of stress.  And I feel more educated on the potential problems animals can experience and what warning signs to look out for.

At the vet I get to walk the doggies, pat the kitties, and socialize with a group of professionals and pet owners who love their animals as much as I do!  Working in the animal field has introduced me to a world of people who have given up the desire for big money to follow their heart and work with the animals they love.  It might not pay well (or at all!), but the experience I’m gaining is creating a happiness I never got with any other job.

Cat Tree!

As an early Christmas present, we got the kitties a huge cat tree!  Thanks Grandma, Grandpa and Auntie Kim!

Luna was first to explore, tentatively sniffing and examining the new structure.  Ciara wouldn’t come near it at first!  Treats and catnip helped…

But eventually they realized how awesome it was, and now if I need to find them, I know they’ll be on their tree!  Sookie has joined in the fun, sleeping at its base, and one day I even found him up on the lowest platform!  Pretty good for a blind arthritic cat!

More Luna

I’ve had Luna now since my birthday in August, and although still pretty skiddish, she is settling in nicely.  She talks to me often, mostly about how hungry she is and if I’ll just feed her a little bit she’ll be happy… which has led to her gaining quite a bit of weight!  But she was quite skinny before, I’m glad to see her fattening up a little.


She’s becoming more comfortable around me, and if I’m lucky, I can catch her, plop her on my lap, and pat her.  Upon which she purrs and purrs!  But catching her is quite the challenge! She’s a sneaky kitty!  She knows all my tricks already.

Ciara has taken a liking to her, and the two of them scamper around all night, chasing each other, pouncing and generally acting crazy.  However Ciara makes sure to give her a swift bop to the head when Luna tries to get at Ciara’s food and Ciara’s hungry.


Sookie is a little less than impressed with his new younger sister, however being blind and sick, he doesn’t like much of anything these days.  But the gentleman he is, Sookie rarely shows his frustration.


And now with Christmas coming, it will be an interesting holiday with my three babies!

Welcome Luna!

I didn’t intend to get another cat… it happened by accident.  I swear!

I knew in summer it was hard to find fosters for the VOKRA kitties, so I thought I could open my home to a kitty in need of a place to live other than a cage.  One foster had to get rid of her foster kitty because family members who were allergic were visiting her home.  So I volunteered to take ‘Melinda’, an extremely shy and skiddish black kitty.  She was found giving birth to her 5 kittens in somebody’s garage.  They had the right frame of mind to call VOKRA who came to collect Melinda and her kittens.  All kittens were homed except her… shy, skiddish, and black, she had a slim chance at finding a furever home.


I picked her up on my birthday, August 2!  The kitty introductions went well.  I kept Melinda in my room and closed the door.  Ciara and Sookie were definitely curious who the meowing bundle of fur was on the other side!  Slowly and carefully, I introduced Melinda to the kitties.  There were a few hisses and paw slaps, but soon they learned the natural order of things.  Melinda was the type of cat who needed kitty company… she bonded immediately with Sookie and Ciara (they took longer to get used to her!).


The name Melinda didn’t suit her though, and she didn’t respond to it.  I tried a few names but settled on Luna.  She’s black like the night, and its a pretty name for a pretty kitty!  She even turns her head when I say her name.

Luna is a very special kitty indeed… she has a curled tail!  Its called a Flank-Curved Ringtail and its a genetic mutation apparently, similar to Manx and Bobtail cats.


Things are pretty happy now in the Alexander home.  Sookie is the slow and careful blind kitty, Ciara is the chubby love-hog, and now Luna is the spastic loving newbie, very vocal at dinnertime!



Here are some pictures from VOKRA of the latest batch of cute kittens!

IMG_1321 IMG_1322 IMG_1323

Ciara’s Birthday!

Although a bit late (my fault), Ciara got a card from Grandma for her birthday!  Happy 3rd Birthday Ciara!

(Ciara celebrated by sleeping, eating, trying to catch her Turbo-Scratcher ball, and taking a nap.)

Ciara Bday1

Ciara Bday2

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