About Us

This is a blog celebrating my wonderful cats and the adventures they have.

I’ve had many cats in my life.  First was Tiffany (Tiffy for short) which we had from 1991 to 2006.  She had a long and happy life being spoiled by us! A perfect cat in every way.

Next came my cats in Australia, Morpheus (Morrie) and Ginger.  Morrie, a sleek black gentleman, was a kindred spirit and loving cat.  Ginger, a fiesty ginger tom, was a strong and independant soul.  Our time together was short, but I like to think that they were placed in my life for a reason, and that I helped them in their last days.

Then upon moving back to Canada I got Sookie (original name ‘Kiki’) from the BC SPCA.  Sookie was such an easy going laid-back cat, who loved head pats, chin rubs, and a warm lap to lie on.  He even took it in stride when we found out that ‘she’ was actually a ‘he’!  Sookie made a great companion left us in 2015.

I thought I had still more love to give, so I decided to open my home to a black stray who I named Ciara.  Pronounced ‘Sierra’, ‘ciara’ means ‘black’ in Irish Gaelic.  She was found in an auto-wrecker yard and brought to VOKRA (where I volunteer).  I took her home as a foster, but she quickly entered my heart and I made her mine forever.


My recent addition is Luna, another shy and skittish black cat.  She was found giving birth to her 5 kittens in someone’s garage, and she was the last to be adopted.  After some adjustment time, she is now one of the gang.  Ciara and Luna love chasing each other around the apartment.  I know with time she’ll start to trust me more, just as Ciara did when she first came.



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