Sookie is Blind

I started to notice that Sookie was having trouble seeing his toys, and would sometimes walk into things or trip over things.  Also his pupils were constantly dialated, which could have been from the dark apartment, but even in light they wouldn’t react as they should.

The first vet I took Sookie to looked in his eyes and said that everything was fine.  But after Sookie continued to trip over things, I took him to another vet.  He did a series of tests, but agreed that Sookie’s vision wasn’t that good.  He referred me to a veterinary eye specialist who could give a better diagnosis.

After a long car ride (with a very well behaved Sookie), the eye specialist did a series of tests, but ultimately determined that Sookie had ‘marked retinal atrophy’, that is, Sookie’s retinas had degenerated to the point of blindness.  Sookie could distinguish between light and dark contrasts, but his vision was impaired.  The specialist said that there was no cure for Sookie’s blindness.

Apparently blindness in cats isn’t that big a deal, as their senses of smell, hearing and feel (whiskers) are so much better than humans.  Cats use their other senses to orient themselves, however they still need help from time to time.  Sookie is in no pain apparently, even though if I leave something on the floor that shouldn’t be there, or move something from its regular spot, Sookie has trouble.

Poor Sookie, but I’m sure with some help, he will be just fine!

Vancouver Sookie Trip June 2012 006


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