Way to go Litter Robot!

I finally got the Litter Robot, set it up, crossed my fingers and waited.  But it wasn’t long before the curious Ciara went right up to it and used it!  I was worried that I spent a lot of money on a fancy machine that my cats would turn their noses up to.

There are a few ‘tricks’ the Litter Robot people say to use, like putting some of the old litter inside so the cats ‘know’ this is a litter box, and to leave the machine off for a few days until they get used to it.

If anyone is curious, there is a weight sensor in the Litter Robot that starts the cleaning cycle 7 minutes after the cat uses it.  Watching it cycle is kinda cool, the whole thing spins!  Well, I think its cool.  Sookie hates it and is still eyeing it suspiciously (needless to say, he is still using his good ol’ fashioned non-Robot litter box).

As long as one cat is using it, I say I got my money’s worth.  Even just to watch it do its thing, pretty cool!


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