Eating is Fun!

So slowly but surely, Ciara is finding her place in my home.  I no longer have to use a broom to get her out from under my bed, all I need to do is shake a bag of cat treats!  But then Sookie comes running too, so I have to give both of them treats.

Ciara looks forward to meal time, and joins Sookie in reminding me when they are due to get their food.  Ciara purrs and purrs and has even started to rub against my leg with her tail up when she’s waiting for her bowl.  Tail up and purring, very different to the shy scared cat I first encountered.  She even rubs against Sookie, who patiently sits, looking at me with his big eyes.

When the food comes both are very happy to nosh away, and Ciara lets me pat her as she eats (inhales) her food.  She’s still skiddish to the point where I have to be careful when I bring my hand up to pat her, otherwise she’ll run away, stare at me with big eyes, then slowly come back to her food dish, eyeing me skeptically.  Then when Ciara is done her bowl, she boldly goes up to Sookie’s bowl and pokes her face in for more food.  Sookie isn’t used to competition, so just backs away in defeat.  I think I know who will be the dominant cat in this group!  I usually take the bowl away from piggy Ciara so Sookie can finish his food later.

I wonder how long it will take Ciara to get used to indoor life and realize that there will always be a steady food source, so there’s no need to scarf down any food you find in record time?  Hopefully before she gets all big and fat!


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