On Oct 3, 2011, I got my fourth cat Sookie.  I adoped her from the BC SPCA after a long wait (I think they’re quite busy there).  I looked online and found a cute grey cat who I thought would like to live with me in my new cat-friendly apartment.  She was in a foster home because she was recovering from a respiratory illness.  I finally got to visit her at her foster mom’s house, and thought she was a great little cat.  (Well, not quite ‘little’… she’s quite pudgy!)


Her shelter name was Kiki, but I didn’t think she looked like a Kiki.  So I named her Sookie, because phonetically it sounds like Kiki, and also she was such a sook when I met her, wanting me to pat her and rub her chin.  She loved attention!

She seemed to settle in to my apartment well, although she is still afraid of the vacuum and washing machine!  She was soon sleeping with me and sitting with me on the couch, purring.  And if I pay attention to a book or notebook instead of her, she’ll push the book away and snuggle up on my lap so I pay more attention to her!

An interesting development happened about 6 months after I got Sookie.  I found out Sookie was actually a boy!  Since she (he?) was neutered, its hard to ‘see’, but my cat sitter first pointed it out to me.  A visit to the vet confirmed that Sookie indeed was a boy.  Sookie seemed to take the gender confusion in stride (after all, a neutered male is almost like a female?).


Sookie is such a laid-back easy going cat, and is great company.  He even got a page on the SPCA website!  Sookie has found a perfect home here and I hope we have a long and happy life together.


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